Thursday, July 14, 2016


Truax Building is a Site for Sight: 
The Temecula Valley Art League Show Returns!

Temecula Valley Art League is scheduled to return to the Truax for a competitive art show in August.  For those who missed the 2015 event but enjoy two-dimensional artwork, you, too, should be pleased. Not only will some of you want to plan to attend this year’s show, but also consider being a participant in the TVAL event as well: This will be a judged show for ribbons and monetary awards!
Open to the public – you do not have to be a member of the Temecula Valley Art League to enter this show, 
For more information go to: THIS LINK


Lake Elsinore, CA: Are you and artist or musician looking to sell your art or make some tips by sharing your talents? The City of Lake Elsinore Busking Program serves buskers who create handmade artisan products or provide busking activities or services for the public by playing a musical instrument, dancing, singing, reciting, puppetry, pantomime, magic, clowning, juggling, painting, drawing, and other forms of expression.
Buskers are required to submit an application and associated documentation to obtain a busking permit and secure a busking location. Busking permit applications are considered based on the proposed busking activity’s conformance and consistency with the Busking Guidelines and Rules, number of similar busking activities, availability of busking locations/time slots, and busking application completeness. Buskers with a busking permit will be provided a busking badge, which shall be worn at all times while engaging in busking activities. The City assumes no responsibility for the content of the busking activities.
Dates : Every Saturday and Sunday until Further Notice