Thursday, August 9, 2018


Date: August 28th - Tuesday
Time: 11 to 4
Cost: Free
Target: Non-Profits
Location: "Village on Grand", Lakeland Village Community Center, 16275 Grand Ave. Lake Elsinore, CA 92530   

RSVP Request: Yes, 951-471-4407

If you are currently involved in a nonprofit, or thinking of creating one this is a valuable way to spend the day.  The panelist for this workshop where chosen for their depth of knowledge and years of experience contributing to successes and dealing with the failed opportunities. This will be a unique introduction and open invitation.

Quote from: The Nonprofit Board - Answer Book - 3rd Edition,
Nonprofit organizations are an essential part of our society.  They struggle to reduce poverty and bring and end to homelessness.  They strive to build safe places to learn and play, create inspiring art and music, and protect our natural resources.  With more than 1.7 million 501 (c) organizations spending well over $1 trillion annually, the size and influence of the nonprofit sector make it imperative that nonprofit boards operate ethically, legally, and to their fullest potential.  In challenging economic times, the imperative is even greater, as boards must be prepared to ask tough questions and make difficult decisions.

Grace Sandlin
Co-Founder, STUDIO 395 Foundation

RSVP -  951-471-4407

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