Sunday, November 8, 2015

Canyon Lake Art Association’s Artist Open Studios Tour

List of artists who will be displaying:

  1. CL Senior Center: Marilyn Latimer, Leann Kluck, Ines Miller, Robin Golden & Connie Brady
  2. Continental Drive: Lori Gundrum & Joan Fakhoury
  3. Lighthouse Drive:  Lisa Mack
  4. Big Range Road:  Ila Goldstein & Carol Davis
  5. Clearwater Drive:  Joanie Evarts
  6. Outrigger Drive:  Anita Harris
  7. White Wake Drive:  Barbara Perryman & Rhonda Strickland 
If you plan to attend and need gate access please call Barbara Perryman at 951-244-3638 or Lori Gundrum at 951-244-4800.

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