Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 27th Business of Art Canyon Lake

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  1. Here is a bit more info regarding this Business of Art event:
    This symposium will take place a the Canyon Lake Art Association meeting Tuesday, January 27th. 7PM (address on the flyer)

    We will have a panel for our upcoming Business of Art - Electronic media publishing, Michael Angel and Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli.

    Here is an introduction to the speakers;

    They both have experience working a home business but using a different approach to reach their target.

    Michael is a traditional publisher, BantyHen does publish other projects and provides services, editing and distribution;

    Jane is publishes a newsletter that promotes her specific business and her own children's books:

    Some of the questions that will be answered are:

    1. Do you work from a focus of what the client wants
    2. How limited are you by your medium

    1. How do you determine your target
    2. How do you market your products
    3. What would help you market your talent/product
    4. Where is the income in your business
    5. Is there personal advantage to running a home business

    For gate access into Canyon Lake for this meeting please call one of these members:
    Barbara Perryman - 951-244-3638 or Lori Gundrum - 951-244-4800 or Joanie Evarts - 244-3378