Friday, January 15, 2016

Project Updates for Lake Elsinore - January/February 2016

Delivery day for a STUDIO 395 public art project to be installed in the next week or so. The metal sculptures will be situated within a newly designed & landscaped street median in Lake Elsinore. Very excited to see these take flight as I'm sure artist/designer Robin Golden is as well.
Cranes coming off the rack from powder coating. The paint has reflective sparkles in it so should be very pretty in the coming sunny months!

Two Men & a Bird
The blue pieces are "flight pillars" that the cranes will be mounted upon

Like this, but standing up...

So, as the Egrets are being prepped to fly, we now turn our attention to the entrance walkway of the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District's headquarters. STUDIO 395 begins work on a trio of "waterscape" murals depicting local fish & fauna to grace a pathway to the entrance of the building. The work complements the mosaic art planters the front the building (another STUDIO 395 project). We so appreciate the EVMWD support in engaging the community with the unique public art projects! 

Base coat/repair of the entranceway

Studio 395 Executive Director and Lead muralist, Robin Golden's rendition of fish and water life to populate the ponds!

Depending on the temperament of El NiƱo, these projects should be completed by mid-February. Stay tuned!

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